Power back-office operations online

Procure helps you streamline purchase order and accounts payable processes, reduce double-handling and administrative bottlenecks and create greater visibility across payments through an integration with Accredo accounting software.

Accredo integration

Integration with accounting software, Accredo, means purchase orders and invoices can be created and viewed from Accredo, while giving back-office teams visibility across branch cost centre documents

Manage authorisation.

Payment processing is easier with automated purchase authorisation. Procure streamlines the movement of a purchase order through your approval workflow to reduce inefficiencies and holdups.

Access anywhere!

Access anywhere!

Procure is a web app that can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection - on desktop, tablet or smartphone - meaning your team can always log in, view and update from anywhere, in real time.

Manage & assign tasks

Manage & assign tasks

Procure  integrates with your email system, allowing users within a workflow to be automatically notified of new tasks via email.

integraSell Procure features

  Generate a purchase order   Dashboard control - view current orders and invoices   Authorising, accepting and declining a purchase order or invoice   Filter and search order and invoice history   Purchase order distribution - print, pdf or email   Audit orders and invoices   Create repeat purchase orders   Auto-match scanned invoices and purchase orders   Sophisticated approval rules   Creation of new products when generating a purchase order

Integration with your favourite digital tools

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