Support your sales team on-the-go

integraSell Sales Rep integrates with accounting software, Accredo, to give your entire salesforce access to the most up to date pricing, product availability and sales processes, wherever they’re working.

Accredo integration

Integration with accounting software Accredo, means that your team is always working with the most up-to-date information, cutting down unnecessary communication and streamlining the process to close a sale. 

Scale your team

integraSell can support your business, no matter how big your sales force is. You can easily set up additional users as your team grows for a cost-effective license fee. 

Access anywhere!

Access anywhere!

As an application, integraSell Sales Rep can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection, meaning your team can always log in, view and update from anywhere, in real time.

Touch-friendly forms

Touch-friendly forms

Accessible on desktop, tablet or smartphone, integraSell Sales Rep offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier and more efficient for your team to sell on the spot, without paperwork and unnecessary admin.

integraSell Sales Rep Features

  CRM integrated with Accredo memos   Customer account information   Order and invoice history   Customer performance metrics   Sales orders, invoices and quotes   Salesperson metrics   Custom discounts and margins   Operates on phones, tablets and PCs   Customer locations

Integration with your favourite digital tools

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Sales Rep

Stand alone license

$340 Monthly

Setup: $5220

Monthly License includes:

 Access to all SalesRep features

 2 Sales Rep users

 Easily add users for $30per user per month


To your existing Merchant license

$60 Monthly

Monthly License includes:

 Access to all SalesRep features

 Includes 2 Sales Rep users

 Easily add users for $30per user per month

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